USP 797/800 Compounding Pharmacy Design in Maryland Completed

Pharmacy design architect Bernstein & Associates, Architects ( is pleased to announce that it has completed compounding pharmacy architectural design services for a private compounding facility in Maryland. The compounding suite was designed to comply with USP 800 as well as USP 797.

Bernstein & Associates, Architects provided compounding pharmacy design services for this project including: compounding pharmacy programming, compounding pharmacy planning, compounding pharmacy design, and compounding pharmacy equipment planning.

The compounding pharmacy design is for a new, compounding suite for a privately owned company. It will include a state-of-the-art, ISO 7 compounding suite, with both hazardous compounding and non-hazardous compounding, designed to comply with USP 797 and USP 800 regulations.

About Bernstein & Associates, Architects (

Bernstein & Associates, Architects has specialized in healthcare and lab design and construction since the firm’s founding in 1990. This architecture firm is well-known for pharmacy planning, pharmacy design and pharmacy construction, and has designed over (35) hospital pharmacies in the last 10 years, which have included USP 797 compliant pharmacy design and construction. The firm’s principal — William N. Bernstein, AIA — is a well-known architect of pharmacies. He has written extensively on pharmacy design and construction including USP 797 compliant pharmacies.

USP 800 compliant design is also a specialty of Bernstein & Associates, Architects. The firm currently has (11) projects in the design and construction phase which have been designed to comply with USP 800.

A new article on the architectural design of USP 800 compliant pharmacies was published in Health Facilities Management. The article can be found here:

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