Pharmacies should plan to become compliant with USP 800 for hazardous drug handling

From an article in Modern Medicine (

Patricia C. Kienle, RPh, director of accreditation and medication safety for Cardinal Health Innovative Delivery Solutions, is urging pharmacies to begin planning to become compliant with requirements for handling hazardous drugs, specified in the United States Pharmacopeia’s (USP) draft chapter 800.

“The whole point of chapter 800 is worker safety as well as patient safety and environmental protection,” said Kienle, who chairs the United States Pharmacopeial Convention’s expert panel on compounding with hazardous drugs, which wrote chapter 800. “Almost everything in 800 has already been published in public documents, so it is not going to go away. The issue is out there and needs to be addressed.”

While the public comment period on chapter 800 ends May 31, 2015, the chapter may be published in early 2016 and becomes enforceable at “some future time,” Kienle said. USP chapters generally have a six-month time frame between the time they are first published as a final document and the time they become official, but there have been some suggestions to extend that time period, Kienle added.
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