LAB 797’s New Website Makes USP 797 Environmental Monitoring Easier Than Ever

The new website allows pharmacists and certification companies to easily access the information and supplies they need to perform environmental monitoring in clean rooms. The simple to navigate website showcases the lab’s products and testing services.

Materials ranging from TSA contact plates containing polysorbate 80 and lecithin to media-fill kits are available ( All products can easily be ordered online and ship the same day. All lab results reported by LAB 797 are available at any time on the web. Online reporting has allowed LAB 797 to provide its clients with preliminary results as soon as worrisome growth is recovered on clean room or personnel samples. The site also features an informative blog where current issues pertaining to sterile compounding are discussed.

You can save 15% on any order of testing media using the coupon code “SPRING15” through the end of May 2016!

About LAB 797 (

LAB 797 is a pharmacist owned microbiology lab serving sterile compounders across the country. This lab specializes in USP 797 environmental and personnel monitoring. It currently works with certification companies, individual pharmacies and hospitals to process and identify contaminants found in sterile compounding areas. LAB 797 offers free consultation on all lab work pertaining to USP 797.

For more information about how you can start performing environmental monitoring in your pharmacy today, contact LAB 797 at:

LAB 797
3985 S. Lincoln Ave. Ste. 204
Loveland, CO 80537
T: (970) 612-1970