USP Intent to Republish “General Chapter Hazardous Drugs—Handling in Healthcare Settings

The notice below was published on the USP website ( on 10/13/14 and updated 12/01/14: “In accordance with section 7.05(c) of the 2010–2015 Rules and Procedures of the Council of Experts, this is to provide notice that the Compounding Expert Committee intends to republish General Chapter <800> Hazardous Drugs—Handling in Healthcare Settings in the Pharmacopeial […]

Frequently Asked Questions: Hazardous Drugs—Handling in Healthcare Settings

These are the questions for which USP has provided answers: What is the purpose of General Chapter <800>?Does General Chapter <800> apply to me?What is a hazardous drug?What is the status of the General Chapter <800> and when will General Chapter <800> become official?Will USP consider a delayed official date for <800>?Can I still access […]

Pharmacies should plan to become compliant with USP 800 for hazardous drug handling

From an article in Modern Medicine ( Patricia C. Kienle, RPh, director of accreditation and medication safety for Cardinal Health Innovative Delivery Solutions, is urging pharmacies to begin planning to become compliant with requirements for handling hazardous drugs, specified in the United States Pharmacopeia’s (USP) draft chapter 800. “The whole point of chapter 800 is […]

Implementing Gowning Guidelines for Proposed USP Compliance

From an article in Controlled Environment Magazine: Increasing concerns regarding the protection of healthcare workers, compounding pharmacists, and manufacturers handling hazardous drugs has bought about the proposed USP Chapter <800> – Hazardous Drugs – Handling in Healthcare Settings. Due to the harmful consequences of improper handling of these drugs, it is vital that a safe […]

PeridoxRTU®, the Industry’s First Non-bleach 3 Minute Sporicidal Disinfectant and Cleaner, Successfully Decontaminates Hazardous Drugs

PeridoxRTU®, a ready-to-use, broad spectrum EPA-registered sporicide, bactericide, virucide, tuberculocide and fungicide disinfectant and cleaner, has been proven to effectively decontaminate critical surfaces that come in contact with hazardous substances. PeridoxRTU, an effective alternative to bleach, allows for proper containment- a major component of safe handling of hazardous drugs. Because there is no single process […]

USP 800 Architectural Design Considerations for New Pharmacies

Pharmacy architects Bernstein & Associates, Architects advocate planning for the future implementation of USP 800 in current pharmacy design. Starting with all new pharmacy projects in 2015, Bernstein & Associates, Architects will be planning all new pharmacies to be easily convertible to USP 800 compliant in the future with minimal to no interruption to ongoing […]

Nearly Forty Years of Comprehensive Industrial Hygiene Testing & Newly Expanded Pharmaceutical and Microbiological Testing

Ashland, Virginia, May 2, 2016 – Founded in 1977, Analytics Corporation has always been rooted in pharmaceutical and microbiological testing. Now, we’re expanding our pharmaceutical and microbiology testing services to make our testing capabilities even more comprehensive than before. We are a full service Industrial Hygiene Laboratory with a full range of capabilities in Environmental, […]

New Series of USP 797 & USP 800 Guide to Compliance Webinars

Technical Safety Services, Inc. [TSS] is pleased to announce a new series of USP 797  & USP 800  Guide to Compliance Webinars.  Join TSS’ Andrew King for an informative discussion of regulatory requirements surrounding aseptic compounding. Attendance is free. Contact TSS for dates, times and registration information. For nearly 50 years, TSS has provided unparalleled […]

ISO-GCSTM by IsoTech Design

The new ISO-GCS is a unique, easy, aseptic, safe glove changing system in compliance with USP 797 and USP 800 that is composed of PVC safe guard barrier sleeves, cuffs, gasket, O-rings, FDA silicone grade cuff extension, and a plug. It is adaptable to all CAIs and CACIs.